Amboseli is the place to go to see elephants. Granted.
But that’s not all it offers.
The growth of its cat population is happening for real. Wild ones as compared to other areas where one sees lions. As per Nixon our guide on June the 3rd: “I came across a pride of 12 lions, which included lionesses and their cubs. I also came across 2 sub-adult male lions, and 5 then 4 cheetahs consecutively. This shows a drastic increase in our felids population”. By the way, the lion tracks were first spoted in the Tawi conservancy and led to the pride. The 2 males are most probably the ones that the Lion Gardians named Orkingi (The King) and Lowuasa (The Proud one).

There are also still plenty of elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, as well as the renowned and truly exceptional bird life. If you want to visit us and see the amazing wildlife of the Tawi Conservancy, contact us here: Tawi Lodge Contact & Bookings