Want to really treat your family on their next visit?
Sure, they love to see their siblings, but Amboseli’s growing wildlife is an experience they would not want to miss.
The best place in the world to contemplate the biggest living land animal at its most serene, the Elephant, is right here in Amboseli.
Just consider, 120 000 Elephants poached in Africa in the last 4 years, only 4 this year on the 2 Million acres ecosystem of Kilimanjaro/Amboseli. Even if it is still too many, the area is becoming a safe heaven for elephants thanks to our combined conservation efforts.
The same can be said for the other tenants.. Lions have gone from near extinct to a now healthy population, Cheetahs and cubs are now seen more and more often in the Tawi conservancy. Herbivores are thriving.

Want to see these behemoths really up close?

The Tawi waterhole seems to be one of their favorite spots for human watching! Breakfast, lunch, lounging around the pool, sun downer, dinner, night cap… They’ll surprise you there anytime.