Surprised? We're not.
We've been prospecting for this gold since before we built the lodge.
Happy? When you strike gold its difficult not to be.
Now that Tawi lodge has been awarded Eco tourism Kenya's Gold rating, what's in
it for you?
Still no compromise on luxury and comfort so you can enjoy the celebrated well
being of the lodghebut also the satisfaction of having enjoyed your environment
without damaging it. You'll have left it in nearly the same state as when you 
arrived and willhave helped sustain the local communities and their produce.
Some of the tools that got us this much sought rating?

Many of the vegetables or sun dried vegetables you will be savouring in your
gourmet meals come from our green  house and dryer, they will have been
kept in our charcoal fridge and their leaves and waste will have nourished 
our compost which will help our greenhouse produce even better.
Now, Tawi lodge blends into the environment so well, the wildlife barely 
notices you are there.
Come and enjoy the Gold Rush.